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Terms Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Jumpup Dance Academy
with effect from 7th August 2017 updated 12/03/2020

Jumpup Dance Academy is affiliated to The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) as well as a member of The Council of Dance Education and Training (CDET).

A - Classes and Payments

1. Each new student is required to pay a £20.00 non-refundable registration fee and a completed Enrolment Form must be handed in at the first class.

2. Class days, times, venues and prices are subject to change at any time with or without prior notice, dependent upon the demands of the business.

3. Where classes are cancelled at short notice, we will e-mail and text all those listed on our system at the first opportunity. We are unable to telephone people to advise of cancelled classes. It is advisable to check your email/phone before travelling although they are rarely cancelled. Please inform us if your contact details change.

4. The trial lesson is free, if you decide to enrol you will need to pay either online or cash or cheque (payable to jumpup) This will need to be put in a sealed envelope with the child's name and amount printed on the front. Receipts are available upon request

5. Half a term's notice is required in writing by the end of the previous term, email is acceptable, or you will be liable for half a term's fee. Verbal mentioning to a teacher does not count as notice.

6. If classes are missed, you still need to pay for them as a place is being held for you. There is an option to make up a class on a different day within the same term. It cannot be carried over to another term.

7. Once term is started and you decide to withdraw no refund will be given. If your child misses due to COVID we request you let us know asap and we will set up a zoom link ( depending on wifi) so your child can attend from home. No refund will be given if missing a class due to COVID

8. Classes generally follow school term dates, occasionally we do continue classes over half term. If classes are cancelled for any reason (i.e. unsafe roads, snow, staff sickness etc) we will make them up if possible, though this may be during the school holidays. Refunds are not provided if the student is unable to attend the make-up class. Refunds are also not provided for students’ sickness, injury, school trips, holidays etc.
* Unfortunately if the government decides to close schools & venues due to corona virus we will have to comply and no refund will be given.

9. A £10 discount is applied for students attending 2 or more classes per week and a £5 sibling discount also applies.

10. Tuition fees cover classes only, additional charges are made for dancewear, exams, shows etc. These extras (with the exception of uniform) are optional and full details of costs will be provided before committing

11. RAD ballet exams are encouraged but optional. Students will only be entered when the teacher decides they have reached the required standard & extra coaching lessons will be required.
Pupils may be entered for the RAD solo performance award prior to the exam being taken.

12. Please ensure any changes to students’ contact details are provided in writing to jumpup. All information is kept in confidence and will not be passed on to outside parties except the RAD or ISTD when students are being entered for exams.
All permissions given will be uploaded to our Invoicing programme Membermeister and deleted once your child has left jumpup. Printed forms will be kept in a locked cupboard. Registers with tel no’s and dob ( for teachers to contact you in an emergency) will be destroyed at the end of the school year.
Pictures used in promotional material and on the website may remain in use after you have left jumpup.
Please send us an update should your details change.
You can withdraw your consent at any time in writing.

13. If a cheque you provide is returned by the bank unpaid for whatever reason, replacement payment must be made to jumpup immediately along with a £20 admin fee.

14. If payment isn’t made by the first week of term there will be a £10 late fee to pay. If your payment is two or more weeks late this will increase to £15 and the student will be suspended from classes until payments are brought up to date If you wish to cancel your place, you must follow the steps detailed in point 5.

15. Parents are not permitted to watch classes except in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the class teacher. There mayl be an opportunity at the end of the term or year to watch your child perform.

16. Students are responsible for their own property and bring items at their own risk. Mobile phones brought into the class must be switched off or on silent mode.

17. Students are not permitted to leave the studio during a class without permission from the teacher.

18. The school does not discriminate on background, race or religion.

19. All our staff are fully qualified and DBS checked.

B - Legal and Emergencies

1. In the event of an evacuation of the building, students in the studio at the time of the alarm will be immediately escorted out of the building via the nearest fire exit by the teacher and will assemble outside. Any parents/guardians etc in the building should also evacuate as quickly as possible. Everybody present in the building should make themselves familiar with the nearest fire exits.

2. First aid will be administered by a teacher if required in an emergency. If necessary, a parent/guardian (and in extreme circumstances an ambulance) will be contacted in the event of injury or illness.

3. Jumpup is only responsible for students while they are in the studio during their own class times. Children cannot be supervised whilst they are outside the studio.

4. In the unlikely event that a student wishes to walk out of their class, the teacher will usually take all reasonable measures to persuade him/her otherwise. However, it is illegal for anybody to forcibly detain a child against his/her will. Parents retain parental responsibility for their children even when in class and they must take responsibility for their child’s refusal to stay.

5. Jumpup will endeavour to ensure that your children are dancing in a safe environment. Students that are below the age of 16 should be collected from the hall and not outside in the street unless written permission from the parent has been received.

6. We cannot be held responsible for any injuries that may be caused as a result of dancing whether immediate or those that may develop later on in life.

7. It is important to understand that dancing is a physical art. In order to help and facilitate the student’s learning, teachers will sometimes physically guide a movement by touch, as well as assist in stretching or physically support ing.This will be in a professional manner.

8. Jumpup has more detailed policies on Child Protection, Customer Service, Equal Opportunities and Health & Safety & data protection which are available to view on request.

9. Where we see evidence of potential abuse to or neglect of a child, information will be passed on to Social Services and/or the Police in the interests of Child Protection.

10. Where a child is not collected after their class and the building is being closed, a member of staff will wait with the child and try to contact the parent. After a period of time, if we have been unable to get through to the parent we will have no option but to telephone the Council or Police for their assistance. We are unable to drive the child home under any circumstances.

11. In the event of an emergency you can contact Erna on 07946581933. If you are unable to get through on that number please call the Chris on 02089596489 who should be able to pass on a message.

C - Dancewear and Appearance

1. For the first few lessons, casual clothes that allow freedom of movement are acceptable. Students are expected to purchase the full, correct uniform within a few weeks, which they should then wear for all classes. Students also need to purchase a jumpup T-shirt to wear whilst in the venue.

2. It is recommended that students purchase uniform from jumpup to ensure the correct items, sizes and shades are purchased compulsory for some items. Our prices are very reasonable. If we do not have an item in stock it can be ordered in, it should be paid for when ordering but it can be exchanged if it doesn’t fit.

3. When purchasing dancewear from jumpup, parents/guardians should ensure they fit the student correctly before they wear the items for class or take them away. Returns/exchanges can only be made where an item is completely unworn, undamaged and in its original undamaged packaging.

4. Elastic should be sewn onto all ballet shoes immediately after purchase. If it has not been done the student may be asked to remove the shoes.

5. All medium to long hair should be appropriately styled. For grade 1 ballet and above, hair must be secured into a neat bun for all classes. For all other classes a secure ponytail is acceptable. Unless it is very short, hair should never be left down for dance classes.

6. Children may not wear jewellery or watches in class. One pair of small earring studs are acceptable for classes but not for exams or performances. Any other visible jewellery should be removed or covered with a plaster/surgical tape to ensure safety.

7. Underwear is not required under dancewear, if worn it should not be visible.

D - Miscellaneous

1. All personal details are treated as confidential and only shared with appropriate persons e.g. staff and examining societies.

2. All students should aim to arrive several minutes before their class begins so that we may begin on time. Senior students are expected to warm up before entering the studio.

3. Any student with an injury should inform the teacher before the class begins so that no potentially harmful exercises are undertaken. Please note, fees remain due during periods of injury and students should continue to attend classes in order to observe. They may also be given simple exercises to assist with their recovery.

4. At times when the teacher is in need of a toilet break students may be left for a few minutes unsupervised although a parent or other helper (e.g. senior student) may be asked to sit in briefly for classes of younger students.

5. Students must inform jumpup if they wish to perform dance or attend dance/theatre classes elsewhere. This is to ensure consistency of training and avoid any conflict of interest.

6. Photographs and video clips of the students are occasionally taken in class for publicity purposes, e.g. website, social media etc. If any parents/guardians would prefer their child not to be included in these, they should inform the Principal on enrolment.

7. Bad behaviour and swearing is unacceptable in class. Children should be well behaved as far as possible and parents should accept the level of discipline and methods of teaching in class. Students causing regular disturbances during class, swearing or answering back to the teacher may be asked to leave jumpup following a warning and consultation with the student’s parent/guardian.

8. If a child student has any part of their body in plaster they must wait until it is removed before returning to classes unless the parent confirms in writing that the Doctor has advised it is safe to take part in classes (in this case a sling must be worn if the fingers or arm are broken, for other students’ safety). Jumpup should be contacted to advise of the injury at the first available opportunity.

9. Any unwell students that are contagious must not attend classes until after the incubation period. This also applies in the case of conjunctivitis, head lice etc. Students that are not well enough to dance (or are injured) but are well enough to attend are encouraged to do so in order that they may ‘mark’ or watch exercises to help ensure they don’t fall behind.

10. Students are sometimes given exercises to practice at home, we hope that parents will remind them to do so. Home practice is not usually compulsory unless the student has an exam approaching.

11. All work in class is subject to intellectual copyright. If a student wishes to use any choreography outside of class at any time (e.g. for an audition, school show etc), permission must be sought in advance.

12. If you wish to make a formal complaint, you can send an e-mail to: Wherever possible complaints will be acknowledged within 14 working days of their receipt and a full reply given within 21 working days. If the complaint is not resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction they reserve the right to withdraw their child from jumpup as per our class cancellation procedure.

Please note that by enrolling your child at jumpup dance academy you are automatically agreeing to our terms and conditions.

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